UFC Celebrates 20 Years

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The Ultimate Fighting Championship has been Fighting for a Generation, and to celebrate 20 years of the UFC, we want to hear how YOU became an ultimate UFC fan.

Were you turned into the Octagon by the revolutionary skillset of Royce Gracie way back in the early 1990s? Did you get hooked by the Hall of Fame runs of legends like Matt Hughes and BJ Penn? Were you blown away by the epic 2005 war between Forrest Griffin and Stephan
Bonnar? Or did you come to the sport much more recently, perhaps drawn in to MMA by the
UFC on FOX or the incredible debut of Ronda Rousey and the female fighters?

Whether you’ve been part of the Octagon nation right from the start or are a brand new fan, we want to hear your own ultimate UFC moment—the moment that made you tap out and become part of the fighting generation.

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