Tweets of the Week – 10/4

Axe Murderer vs GangsterPoint and counterpoint…. Wanderlei vs. Sonnen  -UFC ‏He Only Accepts Messages via Smoke SignalDoes anyone have Steven Seagals phone number? I need to bring in the big guns for this fight. -Tim Kennedy ‏Hey! Seagal Cut the Ponytail Years Ago!If you’re an adult male and you have a ponytail, I assume you smell and most likely own a snake as a pet -Mitch Clarke ‏Let’s Tweet About the GovernmentAsk not what your country can do for you cuuuuuuzzzzzz… they’re kinda closed right now. #GovernmentShutdown -Kenny Florian ‏THE WORLD IS GOING CRAZY BUT AT LEAST I HAVE CATS, … Read the Full Article Here


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