AIBA joins UTS Virtual Youth Festival 2020

United through sports (UTS) launches the International Virtual Youth Festival 2020. AIBA will take part in it with youth athletes participating; the organization is looking for brave and courageous boxers who desires to show yourself at the innovative format of competitions.

The COVID-19 pandemic has given life to the UTS Virtual Youth Festival, which goes far beyond a temporary solution to the cancellation of sports events. It is a positive opportunity to move forward and bring us all back together. The unique Virtual Youth Festival will be held and broadcast online.

This pandemic has affected each and everyone including the world of sport. We all understand the difficult circumstances and the unique challenges we face. Now more than ever, we must stand in solidarity and unity promoting sports values. Now is the time to transform crisis into a nurturing opportunity, promoting health and safety with a united mission for the youth of the world. We must cultivate our communities to continue to be active, inspired, and to be included.

We have seen many inspiring initiatives as organizations pivot and adapt, navigating the current unpredictable landscape. In 2017, the United Through Sports initiative was born to create and contribute towards a better world, with and for our youth. The UTS Virtual Youth Festival is a celebration of our youth who will carry the torch of life for the next generations, and on this platform everybody is equal.

The festival will include youths not only from participating International Federations, but also those with different abilities mental and physical, youths from migrant and refugee backgrounds, youth from the indigenous community, and those from vulnerable backgrounds who are often marginalized by society. United, we shall create the opportunity and give these youth autonomy and hope.

Over 60 organizations have joined forces to unite on the digital platform where qualification events will take place between August and the end of October. The finals will be hosted in Thailand and held as a hybrid event around the world in celebration of the United Nations’ World Children’s day, on November 20-22.

The festival will include virtual medal ceremonies, inspirational opening and closing ceremonies, and will incorporate a vital platform of education by including webinars, an opening conference, panel discussions, and workshops.

Topics of focus will include:

  • Peace through sport;
  • Inclusion and non-discrimination;
  • Athletes’ roles and responsibilities;
  • Safeguarding and child protection among others.

Over 100 youth ambassadors, together with the leaders of sport and all participating entities will make a unified call to action towards a better tomorrow.

With the finals being held on United Nations’ World Children’s Day, the former 8th UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon said:

‘We all face challenges amidst the pandemic global shift. Now is the time we must think forward and we must take action towards empowering our youth towards the future. This UTS Virtual Youth Festival is a unique opportunity for the youth of all abilities to unite through the digital ecosystem in friendship, sports, health, and education. United, we must stand for youth rights ensuring equality and the inclusion of all youth. This Festival will open many new doors of opportunity for us to reach youth all over the world. Let us reach them together.’

GAISF and SportAccord President Raffaele Chiulli said:

‘GAISF and SportAccord families are proud to play an active role in the innovative United Though Sports Virtual Youth Festival 2020. The global COVID-19 pandemic has brought so many challenges, but now is the time for the international sports community to lead by example and inspire young people and their families around the world to get active. As one voice for all sport, the virtual youth festival will be a fantastic opportunity to showcase and celebrate the fundamental values of equality, diversity, and inclusion.’

‘During such unprecedented and challenging times, we must continue to create opportunities, putting the youth of the world at center stage,’ stated UTS President Stephan Fox. ‘We must also understand that for many vulnerable youths, once the pandemic ends, they will continue to live in lockdown and in challenging environments. We want to create an event that is active and educational for all our youth and regardless of who is up on the podium, the closing ceremony will see the youth of the world come together for one global celebration.’

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AIBA joins UTS Virtual Youth Festival 2020

Aimed to save his gym after the flooding Sewon Okazawa won «Best in Boxing» prize 

Japan Boxing Federation awarded «Best in Boxing» of the country. The prize was given not only for sporting achievements but also for social input. The award was dedicated to the International Boxing Day which is celebrated on July 22nd annually.

Sewon Okazawa was awarded as the Best Elite Man Boxer of the year. The quarter-finalist of the last edition of the AIBA Men World Boxing Championships cares not only about his own career. This summer he claimed he would take a break in his preparation for home Games to repair the boxing gym in Kanoya damaged by flooding after torrential rain. He is working with the gym’s head coach Shunya Aratake.     

‘I want to give something back by helping return the gym to its usual condition’, he said in June to Kyodo News. 

21-years-old Tsukimi Namiki became the Best Elite Woman Boxer. She is a quarter-finalist of the last edition of AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships. She is the first woman ever from Japan qualified for the Games. 

The Best Coach of the «Best in Boxing» awards, Yoshiyuki Hirano, for many years has participated in national team training camps and international tournaments. 

Japan Boxing Federation has organized “High school shadowboxing Challenge 2020” for the students who are enthusiastic about boxing training at their respective high schools all over Japan. This event was awarded the Best innovative project of the year. 

Owing to the impact of the new coronavirus, most of the boxing events for high school students have been canceled so far. As an alternative idea to support those students who are working hard on their training, Japan Boxing Federation planned the “High school Shadowboxing Challenge 2020”.

Video shooting the sense of their respective style of shadowboxing must be uploaded on social media and those videos will be judged by such the distinguished expert as Naoya Inoue, the WBA and IBF World Bantamweight Champion, and other top-leveled boxing experts.

All the winners’ of the Japan «Best in Boxing» prize are the following:

  • The Best Elite Man Boxer – Sewon Okazawa 
  • The Best Elite Woman Boxer – Tsukimi Namiki
  • The Best Coach – Yoshiyuki Hirano
  • The Best Youth Man Boxer – Reito Tsustumi
  • The Best Youth Women Boxer – Hikaru Shinohara
  • The Best Ringside Doctor – Mr. Tetsuya Sakamoto
  • The Best R&J – Katsunori Hanabusa
  • The Best official – Tomoaki Takenowaki
  • The Best Boxing School – Kokoku Highschool
  • Best innovation project – High School students shadowboxing challenge 2020

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Aimed to save his gym after the flooding Sewon Okazawa won «Best in Boxing» prize 

Oleksandr Khyzniak: ‘International Boxing Day is a special day for me’ 

Ukrainian Boxing Federation awarded AIBA 2020 ‘Best in Boxing’ prize to World Champion Oleksandr Khyzhniak as the best boxer. 

The ‘Best in Boxing’ trophies are given in 2020 for the International Boxing Day celebrated on July 22nd to promote the advancement of all key people in the sport of boxing. They recognize outstanding achievements and contributions made to develop, encourage, and strengthen boxing in each country. Athletes receive the trophy not only for sporting performance but also for their social activity. 

‘For me, such a big recognition is a great honor,’ said Khyzhniak, who also won European Championships in 75 kg weight class two times. 

‘It is especially nice that the AIBA’s nominations are dedicated to the International Boxing Day. Boxing has a huge place in my life, so for me, it’s really a special day. I am grateful to the Boxing Federation of Ukraine for the recognition and I hope that my greatest success is still ahead. I will work hard for it,’ he concluded.

His father and famous boxing coach Oleksandr Khyzhniak Sr was awarded as the best coach.

‘Like everyone else, I am glad that my work was recognized. But I want to say, at the same time, that our success with Oleksandr became possible due to his great diligence and respect for boxing’, he said.

The best woman boxer is Anna Lysenko, quarter-finalist of the last edition of AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships in Ulan Ude, who thanked AIBA for launching the award.

‘So great to be among these well-known names. Honestly, I think there are a few more girls which maybe deserve it more, but I am so happy that I got the recognition. I will do my best to prove that I deserve this award,’ she said.



All the other prize-winners of Ukraine are the following: 

  • Best youth man boxer – Yurii ZAKHAREEV, gold medalist at the 2019 Youth European Boxing Championships
  • Best youth woman boxer – Mariya KRYVONIS, Youth European Championship silver medalist
  • Best R&J – Pavlo VASYLYNCHUK, AIBA 3 stars R&J 
  • Best official – Polina SHTYFURA, AIBA ITO 
  • Best boxing school – ABEL BOXING GYM, Odessa region, head coach – Abel Khachatrian
  • Best innovation project – Memorandum with Ministry of Digital Transformation

The ‘Best in Boxing’ is awarded in each AIBA member country. 

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Oleksandr Khyzniak: ‘International Boxing Day is a special day for me’ 

AIBA is ready to celebrate the International Boxing Day on July 22nd

The International Boxing Day celebrated on July 22nd, will take place online this year due to the pandemic situation. AIBA member countries will take part in the celebration.

It has been originated in 2017 in Russia and recognized by AIBA Executive Committee in 2019.

The second edition will take place worldwide by awarding ceremony AIBA “Best in Boxing”. Each NF would award

• Best elite woman boxer

• Best elite man boxer

• Best youth woman boxer

• Best youth man boxer

• Best coach

• Best official

• Best referee and judge

• Best cutman

• Best boxing school

• Best innovative project

Each of the nominees will receive certificates, and three categories – elite men, elite women and coaches will receive limited edition of the GreenHill gloves (athletes) and training pads (coaches).

‘Despite the challenges, despite the difficulties that AIBA is facing, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we decided to celebrate the International Boxing Day all around the world by awarding all the actors of our sport,’ AIBA Interim President Dr. Mohamed Moustahsane said.

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AIBA is ready to celebrate the International Boxing Day on July 22nd

AIBA Men’s World Boxing Championships 2021 is awarded to Belgrade, Serbia

AIBA Men’s World Boxing Championships takes place in the city of Belgrade in 2021.

After New Delhi didn’t fulfill its obligations to pay host fee as mentioned in the Host City Agreement terms, AIBA has terminated the contract. Therefore, India would have to pay a cancellation penalty of 500.000 USD.

AIBA Interim President Mohamed Moustahsane claimed that this World Championships would be a huge event for Serbia.

‘First of all, we are happy to announce our next major elite competition,’ he said.

‘I’m sure all the nation would be proud to host the Championships in Belgrade. Serbia has everything to organize a great event for athletes, coaches, officials, and, of course, for our boxing fans.’

‘It’s a big step toward our new competition system and also the financial stability of our organization, which is going to be less and less dependent on the Olympic money’.

‘Because of rescheduling of the Olympic 2020, AIBA Executive Committee will discuss with the host country possible dates to adjust. We believe that we will keep planned timeframe and conduct World Championships in 2021 after the Games if the pandemic situation is under control. As soon as it is fixed, this will help our boxers to plan preparation for next year properly,’ noted AIBA Interim President.

The President of Serbian Boxing Federation, Nenad Borovcanin, stated that the Championships is back to Belgrade after 43 years.

‘After the historical tournament of 1978 in the capital city of Yugoslavia, this is the second time for our nation to be back as hosts. Winning the medal at AIBA World Boxing Championships is a dream of all the boxers. And it is in our nature – never to stop until our dreams are achieved. I strongly believe that the Serbian Boxing Federation will do a fantastic job in organizing this tournament and that both the competitors and spectators will take great pleasure in the opportunity to participate in it. I would like to express my utmost gratitude to the International Boxing Association for convening such a wonderful event,’ he said.

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AIBA Men’s World Boxing Championships 2021 is awarded to Belgrade, Serbia

Former AIBA Vice President Beket Makhmutov died at age 81 

Former AIBA Vice President from Kazakhstan, Mr. Beket Makhmutov, who also performed as international RJ and ITO, died today at age 81. He was AIBA Vice President for 10 years, from 1996 to 2006. 

“We send sincere condolences to Mr. Makhmutov’s family, friends and to all Kazakhstan boxing federation,” said AIBA Interim President Dr. Mohamed Moustahsane.   

“He was part of AIBA Family for many years, serving for the best of our beloved sport as a coach, official and Vice President. It’s a big loss for the whole boxing world,” he added. 

Mr. Beket Makhmutov had a long career in boxing: 

1993-1999 – President of Kazakhstan Boxing Federation 
1996-2006 – Vice President of AIBA
since 2009 – Vice President of Kazakhstan Boxing Federation  


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Former AIBA Vice President Beket Makhmutov died at age 81 

Russia to host new edition of AIBA World Cup 2020 with final in Nizhny Novgorod

Russia became first country to host the new format of AIBA Team World Cup in 2020. AIBA Executive committee members voted in favour to approve the bid on the meeting in Budapest on February, 17th.

The tournament timed to coincide with 75th anniversary of the victory in World War II under the motto “Boxing for peace”.

Final is scheduled for October in the city of Nizhny Novgorod.

The best national teams all over the world will take part in the edition. This format will make boxing more attractive for spectators and sponsors.

At the very first time World Cup was conducted at famous arena Madison Square Garden in the New York City, the USA. In the final United States defended Soviet Union team 7-3. World Cup was held before from 1979 to 1998 and also in period 2002-2006 as a team event. The last tournament was organised in Moscow in 2008, when Cuban team celebrated the victory.

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Russia to host new edition of AIBA World Cup 2020 with final in Nizhny Novgorod

AIBA EC created Reform Committee to amendment Statutes

Several important decisions were made at AIBA Extraordinary Executive committee meeting which take place on November 21 in Lausanne, Switzerland. EC members elected two commissions to lead reforms and to develop marketing strategy for AIBA. The bid process for major tournaments will be opened next week.

At the beginning of the meeting Dr. Mohamed Moustahsane welcome speech included the last update of AIBA situation.

Mr Alberto Puig de la Barca was unanimously ratified as a new AIBA EC member.

A newly elected AIBA athlete’s commission will appoint its representatives to serve in the executive committee with voting power.

AIBA EC decided to create a Reform Committee on AIBA Statutes amendment composed of:

  •  A Senior Swiss Counsel
  • AIBA Legal advisors, Mr Claude Ramoni, Mr Garry Moore.
  • EUBC Legal advisor, Mr Alessandro Oliveira
  • Senior members of AIBA federations (USA, RUS, CHN)
  • Presidents of confederations.

Using the roadmap proposal and taking into account AIBA NFs submissions. The committee should make progress report to AIBA EC every 15 days.


AIBA Competitions bidding to be open next week for:

  • AIBA Youth Men & Women World Championships 2020
  • AIBA Men World Championships 2021
  • AIBA Women World Championships 2021

AIBA EC appointed a task force that would do the marketing for AIBA competitions as the World Cup, World Series of Boxing,World Championships with a global marketing plan across the five continents to attract sponsors, secure broadcasters deals for these competitions. This steering committee will be headed by Mr. Umar Kremlev, and Mr.Di Wu, Mrs.Emilia Grueva , Mr. Suleiman Mikayilov, Mr. Yousef Al Kazim, Mr. Ray Silvas and  Mr. Mohamed Touma as members.

Bidding for AIBA Congress/EEC meetings and debts collection to be dealt by marketing commission and shall report at the next EEC meeting. This commission will also evaluate the marketing solutions for the future of WSB .

The project of Global Boxing Foundation was also discussed by the EC, initiated by Mr Umar Kremlev during the Global Boxing Forum 2019 in Ekaterinburg, Russia. The idea was supported by all the leading boxing Organizations – WBA, WBC, WBO, IBF. The objectives of this organization are to unify boxing stakeholders all around the world. This company will focus not only on AIBAs development  and collaboration between all the boxing organizations but also focus on social investments, as conducting charity events, contributing to boxing development all over the world, legal assistance to boxers and help boxing veterans.

Development programs were discussed with the creation of continental academies, Mr Franco Falcinelli proposed to create an European academy in Assisi, Italy. Mr. Di Wu proposed to build boxing academy in China and support the creation of an academy in Oceania. Continental academies will be according to AIBA requirements in term of development programs for athletes, coaches, officials and referees & judges.

Following the requested clarification about Rio Olympic Games, especially with the information reported by media. The R&Js used in Rio were never suspended by AIBA. It was agreed by AIBA EC to stand down these officials until after the Special Investigation Committee concluded their report. All Rio R&Js are entitled to work for their National Federations at domestic level and any involvement at international level will be with further notice.

Organization of the next EEC meeting in China will be hosted by Mr. Wu Di in city of Xiamen, China on December 19, 2019.



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AIBA EC created Reform Committee to amendment Statutes

Oleksandr Khyzhniak and Julio La Cruz elected as AIBA Athletes Commission members

Six boxers from 5 continents were elected as members of AIBA Athletes Commission. Two of them – one man and one woman – will be elected as Chairperson and Vice Chairperson and serve as AIBA EC members.

The election of the Athletes Commission members was organized during AIBA Men and Women World Boxing Championships 2019 in Russia. Boxers from all over the world voted for new members – one per continent, except Europe which has two representatives. In total, 103 male and female boxers have voted.

Chairperson and Vice Chairperson will be elected by the commission itself.

The list of the AIBA Athletes Commission:

  • EUBC
    Oleksandr Khyzhniak (UKR)
    Irma Testa (ITA)
  • AMBC
    Julio La Cruz  (CUB)
  • AFBC
    Ramala Ali (SOM)
  • ASBC
    Laishram Sarita Devi (IND)
  • OCBC
    Caitlin Parker (AUS)

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Oleksandr Khyzhniak and Julio La Cruz elected as AIBA Athletes Commission members

Finalists are set at AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships in Ulan Ude 

All the finalists are set at AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships in Ulan Ude, Russia. 

India and Russia fight for gold in the light flyweight  

Indian hope Manju Rani fought against Chuthamat Raksat of Thailand in semi-finals. She won with split decision 4:1. The 4th seeded Demie Resztan (ENG) met 2nd seeded Ekaterina Paltseva (RUS). The Russian won on points with split decision 4:1. 

European champion Paltseva and Rani fight for the top position. 

Flyweight fight for gold is between Russia and Turkey 

Top-seeded defending champion Choi Mi Pang from DPR Korea surprisingly lost against Liliya Aetbaeva (RUS). 

Mary Kom from India claimed her historical 8th medal of the World Championships, but couldn’t make it in final. In semi-finals 36-years-old Magnificent Mary lost to young Turkish hope second-seeded Busenaz Cakiroglu with split decision 1:4. 

Aetbaeva and Cakiroglu face each other for gold.

Bantamweight medals go to Chinese Taipei and France

Top-seeded Hsiao-Wen Huang (TPE) had three unanimous wins on her way to the top. On the semi-final, she defeated Jamuna Boro (IND). 

Her rival in the final third-seeded Caroline Cruveillier of France had a victory against Mikiah Kreps (USA). 

Hsiao-Wen Huang and Caroline Cruveillier are in the final.

Featherweight top-2 are Russia and the Philippines   

Defending champion Yu-Ting Lin (TPE) made 3 unanimous victories in a row but couldn’t make it against Liudmila Vorontsova (RUS). The Russian won in a tough fight with split decision 3:2.  

Nesthy Petecio (PHI) defeated Karriss Artingstall (ENG) on her way to final – 4:1. 

Home crowd favorite Vorontsova goes to the ring against Petecio in the final. 

Lightweight prize winners are China and Brazil

Finnish star first seeded Mira Potkonen fought against Cong Wang (CHN) to reach the final and surprisingly lost 1:4. The Chinese was super confident at this tournament, although not seeded. 

Brazilian Beatriz Ferreira won against Rashida Ellis from the USA with split decision 4:1. 

Ferreira and Wang fight for the title. 

Light welterweight medalists are from China and Italy

Defending champion Dan Dou from China went to the semi-final against third-seeded Ekaterina Dynnik (RUS). In the spectacular fight, Dan Dou celebrated a split decision victory 3:0.

Italian Angela Carini met with Milana Safronova (KAZ) and had a split decision victory 4:1. 

Carini and Dou meet against each other for the gold. 

Welterweight medal winners are China and Turkey

Liu Yang from China fought third-seeded Lovlina Borgohain (IND) and won wit split decision 3:2. 

Busenaz Surmeneli of Turkey defeated Saadat Dalgatova of Russia with split decision 3:2.

The final Liu Yang vs Surmeneli is set.  

Middleweight triumph goes to Netherlands and Wales

First-seeded Nouchka Fontijn had split decision victory against 8th seeded Tammara Thibeault of Canada – 4:1. 

Another semi-final pair is Khadija Mardi, the only Moroccan reached medal, against second-seeded Lauren Price (WAL). The Welsh celebrate a unanimous victory. 

Fontijn and Price meet for gold medal bout.  

Light heavyweight medal deserved Russia and Turkey 

Two semi-finals pairs in light heavyweight were Lina Wang (CHN) vs Zenfira Magomedalieva (RUS) and Huong Ngyuen Thi (VIE) vs Elif Guneri (TUR). 

Magomedalieva won Lina Wang with split decision 4:0 and proceed to the final. Huong Ngyuen Thi (VIE) unanimously lost to Guneri. 

Russian and Turkish boxers meet in the final.  

Medals of heavyweight go to China and Kazakhstan 

First seeded Chinese Xiaoli Yang unanimously won Dina Islambekova of Kazakhstan. 

Danielle Perkins (USA) met with Katsiaryna Kavaleva (BLR) and finished the bout with RSC in the second round. 

Xiaoli Yang and Perkins fight for the title. 

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Finalists are set at AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships in Ulan Ude